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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Wed, Dec 3, 2014: PLUG Central - "Unix Systems Programming and Internals (in Perl)" by Mark Jason Dominus USP)

PLUG Central will be meeting on Wednesday, December 3, at USP in
Philadelpha, beginning at 7pm. Directions to the meeting location
at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia can be found at
the end of this email.

This month, PLUG is pleased to welcome back Mark Jason Dominus,
our always-popular December speaker. Mark is well-known as the
author of _Higher-Order Perl_. This year marks the twelth 
time that he has given a full PLUG talk!

His 2014 talk will revisit a topic he last spoke about to PLUG in
2002: Unix systems programming, as viewed through the lens of
the internals of the command-line utilities you use every day.

  This talk is about the Unix process model, the semantics of the
  fork and exec calls, and how this impacts the design of certain
  well-known Unix commands such as the shell, ls, nice, nohup,
  inetd, less, chroot, and cd. There will be some detailed examples
  of Unix systems programming techniques in Perl.

The meeting will be held at our usual location:

  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)
  Griffith Hall (Room "C" or "A", look for the signs)
  600 South 43rd Street
  Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

USP is located in University City.Driving directions are
available at, or, both of which have an aerial
view of the campus buildings. USP is also easily accessible by
public transportation.

There will be an open Question & Answer session at 7PM, prior to
the main presentation at 8PM. This is an open meeting; all are
welcome and encouraged to attend.

Usually, a number of members get together after the meeting at a
nearby restaurant for food and perhaps a beer or two. Come join
the camaraderie!
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