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Re: [PLUG] systemd presentation

I wouldn't use HOA for recording a presentation because of the possible gliching you might get even if you do have enough bandwidth.  That's really for more interactive discussion types of things though many people do demos that way- Adafruit comes to mind.

For presentations, I would always recommend recording locally and then uploading the file.

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> Thanks for the mod status.  I'll start endeavoring to keep announcements and
> other items up to date.  Another thing we might want to consider is having
> presentations via Hangouts or Hangouts on Air (HOA).  That came up recently
> too.

Main issue there is going to be bandwidth, but as long as there is
wifi I don't mind streaming from my phone to a hangout while I'm
recording.  I just need to do some testing to make sure it will work
(you have to start it from a desktop browser, and then join from the
android app - a bit cumbersome).  For sites without wifi that isn't
going to be an option unless somebody has a lot of mobile bandwidth to

> I just noticed that G+ does allow you to reference YouTube URL's.

Indeed, and that would get around space limits.

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