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Re: [PLUG] systemd presentation

I get very good mp4 renderings for the screencasts I do and then upload to my server for streaming with a video player I wrote using jwplayer.  G+ seems to dither them down but from what I remember, I spec'd it based on YouTube requirements.

I'll have to confirm by uploading this video on the YouTube channel I set up.  Go point about the credentials.  That's where G+ has an advantage, any community member can upload content.

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> I wouldn't use HOA for recording a presentation because of the possible gliching you might get even if you do have enough bandwidth.  That's really for more interactive discussion types of things though many people do demos that way- Adafruit comes to mind.
> For presentations, I would always recommend recording locally and then uploading the file.

Yeah, the video quality in my youtube recording was definitely spotty
when I tried it.

If somebody wants to live broadcast they're welcome to do so, but I'd
prioritize doing an offline recording and uploading it later.

Note that only somebody with access to the official youtube channel
can upload there.  I don't know if you can grant access to other
youtube users to upload to a channel, vs having to share passwords/etc
(which is obviously undesirable).  For anything I record I can easily
just host it on my webserver for somebody else to download/publish.
I'd prefer not to keep hundreds of GB online forever though.

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