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Re: [PLUG] Boxes for Internet in Garage?

Okay, thanks for your thoughts! Here are some pictures, in order from
the street to the garage boxes.
1. In the front yard, with a pipe going into the ground and a coax
cable going right through the fence into the back yard.
2. Shot of #1 opened.
3. In the back yard, coax running from the left, split into three: one
up and into the house to our modem, two into the garage (probably
straight into #7). Notice another coax coming up out of the ground no
longer attached, probably an old input. Also a telephone box.
4. Up into the house.
5. Inside the telephone box. Nothing interesting here I think?
6. Inside the garage now. Power adapter I guess?
7. The thing that beeps.

I agree that #7 might be an old security alarm. The top blue button
says "Alarm Silence." But if I unplug #6 then my cable modem loses its
connection. So I guess #7 is doing more than just being a security

Any ideas? Thanks everyone---this is really fascinating figuring out
what I've got here!

On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Rich Freeman
<> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Keith C. Perry
> <> wrote:
>> That actually looks like an alarm system battery.  Perhaps the previous owners had a [secondary] controller box in there?
> I think a picture of the thing the battery goes into would be more helpful.  :)
> I sounds like a description of a Verizon FIOS ONT.  They contain
> batteries so that you don't lose landline telephone in the event of a
> power outage.  Even if you discontinued service the ONT might still
> alarm when the battery wears out.  You could stop it by unplugging the
> ONT from the wall and disconnecting the battery.
> FIOS ONTs look like one of these:
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