Joe Rosato on 26 Jan 2015 20:43:11 -0800

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[PLUG] Pocketmine-mp server (think minecraft)

Thought I would share this information for people with young kids.

While watching my two nephews this past week I decided to mess with some free software since they both spend a good amount of time playing Minecraft PE (for ipad/android). It costs $6 which seems a little expensive on google play but my little girl wanted to get into the fun so.. ehh..

There is free server software called PocketMine-MP ( The kids point their Minecraft PE there by entering an IP and port number.

I found the software on the docker repository and ran the following command. The -v lets me keep the data outside the docker container so I can edit it on my system without entering the container.



docker run --name=pocketmine-mp -d -v $DATAOUT:$DINSIDE -e "UPDATE_LATEST_BETA=YES" -p 19132:19132/udp 5t111111/pocketmine-mp:latest

The 19132 port is how the ipad/androids connect. After giving it time to pull and configure we were good. They could get on and play together.

Having more time to kill I dived a little deeper. You can add plugins to pocketmine-mp. There are many and you can find them on the website. I added something called PocketDockConsole which allows me to connect to a console and control the world. It is a little clunky but it works.

Adding plugins is easy. You download the plugin file, all of which end with a *.phar, and drop them in (you guessed it) the plugins directory. So sticking with my setup above would be this:


Then I just needed to stop and restart the whole thing, and since the new plugin uses port 9090.. add that in also:

docker stop pocketmine-mp

docker rm pocketmine-mp

docker run --name=pocketmine-mp -d -v $DATAOUT:$DINSIDE -e "UPDATE_LATEST_BETA=YES" -p 19132:19132/udp -p 9090:9090 5t111111/pocketmine-mp:latest

I had to edit a config file for PocketDockConsole to set the password which you will find inside the exploaded *phar in the plugins directory. I think I had to restart again after that.. oh, and the plugin above also has an easy to use plugin manager that saves you from downloading and dropping files like we just did..

that is all.. oh, one last thing on that clunky plugin. When you point your browser to {IP}:9090 it will ask for your password but does not give you a box. Just type away and hit return. It looks like you are typing in the terminal/console but it works.


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