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Re: [PLUG] Article on 'cyberwarfare'

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 2:44 PM, Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> That's not what social engineering means.  The term points to user behavior (or expected user behavior) not skill sets.

You still have to improve the general climate.  Sure, there are things
you can do when walking in a city at 8PM at night to reduce your risk
of getting mugged.  On the other hand, if cities had roving squads of
military troops that sought out and attacked random tourists, there
wouldn't be much of a tourism industry.

Why is it that there are pop-up ads containing malware in the first
place?  It all comes down to the fact that ANYBODY, ANYWHERE can host
a website.  Any solution to the security issue is going to have to
eliminate that ability.  Is the solution worse than the disease?
Today yes, but if the disease gets much worse I wouldn't be surprised
if a voting majority starts to think otherwise.

But, of course users will always have some kind of role in security.
If you leave your door unlocked some kid is more likely to break into
your house.  On the other hand, simply locking the door won't
guarantee that they'll stay out.  The problem is that in the physical
world you can just move to a nicer neighborhood and greatly curtail
the number of desirables looking to break in.  On the internet you can
have some guy who lives in Moscow checking your door to see if it is
locked 35 times a day.

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