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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West - "systemd: The Anti-BusyBox" by Rich Freeman

I didn't attend the meeting, but was wondering whether this would be an appropriate place to ask the following:

In response to the systemd controversy, an article was recently posted on Slashdot raising PC-BSD as an alternative to desktop linux. Apparently PC-BSD is FreeBSD with some additions and customizations to make it more friendly for a desktop user out of the box.

I currently use Linux Mint 13 and 17 (the LTS releases) with KDE on multiple machines. It occurred to me that when the day comes to replace them, KDE on BSD might provide a very similar environment. I think the catches would be:
1.  hardware support
2. software--linux has gotten big enough that you can usually find a .deb to download, whether it's for some small project or a version of a browser that's set up to let you watch Netflix. Popular sites often have a penguin on the download page, but never a little devil.

If anyone has any experience or links relevant to a comparison of recent versions of linux vs. BSD as a desktop OS, please send them my way.


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