Morgan Jones on 17 Feb 2015 09:55:01 -0800

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[PLUG] free G4 iMac and HDS xterminals

I am doing some office cleaning and have a few items that might be of interest.  I’d rather give them away than dispose of them.

iMac G4: this is the wacky one with the pod base and articulated screen:
It’s currently disassembled as I removed the hard drive to get data off of it for a friend.  I will include the hard drive (minus my friend’s data) and can likely put it back in working order which is actually no small feat as this thing is oddly constructed.  If you want it for parts let me know as it will save the pain of re-assembly.

2 HDS xterminals.  These are 20+ years old: a client was throwing them away back in the day and I took them out of nostalgia but realistically they’ve just been taking up space.  I believe they are grayscale and I just tested them: they work fine.  They do not have USB, just the small round connectors (mini-din?).  The video is predictably VGA.  It has BNC, coax and RF45 (10mbps I’m sure) for network.

I work most days a little North of center city so the easiest would be for you to meet me there but I could arrange to meet you somewhere in close proximity to Philly as well.

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