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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West - "systemd: The Anti-BusyBox" by Rich Freeman

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 04:45:05PM -0500, Morgan Jones wrote:
> I was similarly surprised at how rudimentary PC-BSD was when I tried
> it a few years ago.  I’ve used FreeBSD mostly as a ZFS backed afp
> server for several years and Linux could stand to learn a few things
> about consistency and unity from FreeBSD.  Whenever I work on my
> FreeBSD machine I am relieved by the consistent, unified
> documentation and polite, low drama user community.  My work is
> pretty much all Linux but I’d use more FreeBSD if I were in a
> position to do so.  I have my gripes about how they do
> updates/patching and there are a few BSD-isms that confuse me
> (probably in part out of ignorance) so it’s not all roses but it’s
> definitely something I’d encourage anyone interested in ZFS or Linux
> alternatives to look into.

I'll second Rich in encouraging people to learn and try out different
Unixes.  I've never used BSD-based distros much (except on Macs, where
it's pretty hidden) but I know many people who love them.

Having said that, I'd caution anyone who's thinking about switching to
PC-BSD because of systemd concerns that switching to a completely
different flavor of Unix from Linux is likely to be a far greater
disruption than adapting to the systemd way of doing things.  I'm not
saying that it's not worth it.  Just keep in mind that there will be a
learning curve either way.


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