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Re: [PLUG] Child Proofing my Home Network

The point of neighbors is the frighting part. I have met a lot of my neighbors and when I fire up my PC and look at available WiFi I am shocked how many I find. When I first put WiFi in my house I was the only network on the street (My street is all single homes on 50x150 lots). Now when I look there has to be at least 10 networks coming up. Heck I can't even get a good single in the back of my house (about 30 feet from the router) but yet I get full strength for all of these other networks. But all of them have security set. I worry about the day my Granddaughter learns about connecting to a WiFi network. Then I will have another issue.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Greg Helledy <> wrote:

On 2/26/2015 2:50 PM, wrote:

Is there a mechanism to restrict wifi to just your router? What
happens if she visits a friend's house, and uses their wifi? There
won't be any filtering then, correct?

No, there is not.  Any other wifi she can get access to, I have no control over.  I'm ok with that in my case because:

1.  It's only sporadic, not all day and night.

2.  I do want her to have a sense that she can be part of her generation.  Her friends seem to all have (unfiltered) cellular data so for her to have nothing when she leaves home would make her a total "odd duck".  This is a compromise.

3.  As hard as it is for me to deal with on one level, I have to understand that at 14 she's ready to begin being exposed to non-family-friendly content.  I was 14 once and remember it.  (I do wish there were some way to separate titillating nudity, of the type I saw in certain magazines when I was ~14, from some of the seriously-disturbing content that's on the internet now).

The question of what age to give a child a wifi-capable device (which could access unfiltered internet if taken elsewhere) is tricky.  If you can keep the device in safe locations, I think 8 is fine.  If your family situation is such that you're not sure, older would be better.

A special case would be where you live next to / above a business that has open wifi, or neighbors who believe in sharing.  Not sure what to do there.

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