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[PLUG] More details (fwd) Re: AT&T/Teletype Hardcopy Serial Terminals

Again, contact Hunter directly if interested per details in earlier

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From: hunter hutchinson <>
Subject: Re: AT&T/Teletype Hardcopy Serial Terminals

Please pass this info on to anybody interested.

Sorry for the long email, this should answer all of your questions.

The terminals are AT&T Teletype Corp branded Hardcopy Serial Terminals
model 5310T.
These are metal/plastic case with a dot-matrix print head and a ream-style
They are not simply a serial dot-matrix printer, they are a hard-copy
serial terminal.  They do not have built-in keyboards, but they do have a
4-pin (telephone style) jack for a serial keyboard.

I have looked into building an adapter for a PS/2 keyboard out of an
Arduino, but I haven't had time.
I have the incredibly detailed manuals with full hardware and protocol
description for the terminals.
It is possible to write a custom mode driver with full graphics
capabilities (beyond ASCII).  You can drive these with software to do some
very interesting things.

You will have to make your own serial cables, but I have driven these
through a usb->9pin serial adapter.  The parts are cheap.

The main issue will be getting the cloth ink cartridges, they appear to be
completely out of stock by all vendors and no longer in production.  I've
toyed with the idea of manufacturing my own as they're the older
ribbon/gear/resevoir type of cartridge.

I bought these terminals with a cohort from the US Army base in
Mechanicsburg, PA.  They came new still in boxes, but due to space concerns
we disposed of all the boxing/crates.

We originally wanted to do a combination of art projects and a kit
including MCU for printing out your Twitter feed.

We have reached out before to the Philly hacker community and never got any
response, I'm glad to see some interest this time.

I have 5 of these with me in Louisiana in addition to some other types of
terminals.  I would be very happy to collaborate with anybody interested.
I have toyed with the idea of using these as a Jabber/IRC/Slack client as

Thank google cache for these images I found, that's me with the 5310t:

I'll be in Philly March 16 through March 21.  They are located around
Fishtown.  I believe there are around 16 on site.  I can try to work around
your schedule to see these go to a good home.  I fit at least 12 in the
back of a station wagon without a problem. I wish I had known Hive 76 would
take them, I could have delivered them back in December or January.

Individuals with vehicles, please contact me directly with how many you
want and when you can come pick them up.

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