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Re: [PLUG] more stuff, including some old 1U servers (Re: networking gear (free to any home))

I'll take a couple monitors & a whiteboard!

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> On May 21, 2015, at 12:20 PM, Malcolm <> wrote:
>> On 2015-05-18 3:07 PM, Malcolm wrote:
>> My employer is getting rid of an pile of old kit. If anyone can use any of this, let me know.
>> Pickup in Bristol (just off I95, turnpike, R7)
>> list so far (may be more as the cleanup continues):
> There's more, some still to-be-determined.
> Tape Drive: Overland Storage Powerloader (SDLT320-LXML-115RB)
> older servers:
> 1x Penguin Computing Relion 230
> 2x Penguin Computing Relion 101
> 2x Penguin Computing Altus 600
> 3x Server UPS: SmartUPS 3000XL
> A big pile of cat-5 cables (one "pile" is literally a trash can packed full).
> Quite a few 5-port switches (mostly cisco desktop I think)
> Spare keyboards
> A couple of Mac G4s
> There might be some older desktop units.
> A pile of desktop UPSs, which may or may not have working batteries
> Probably some variety of LCD monitors
> As it's official now, work is shutting down the business, so anything not wanted by anyone in-house is likely to get trashed if not found a new home.
> So there may be a few more things for the list. I won't know until possibly early next week (our IT guy is staying on for transitioning).
> I'll put names on things and work out how to arrange pickup.
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