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[PLUG] more stuff, including some old 1U servers (Re: networking gear (free to any home))

On 2015-05-18 3:07 PM, Malcolm wrote:
> My employer is getting rid of an pile of old kit. If anyone can use any of this, let me know.
> Pickup in Bristol (just off I95, turnpike, R7)
> list so far (may be more as the cleanup continues):

There's more, some still to-be-determined.

Tape Drive: Overland Storage Powerloader (SDLT320-LXML-115RB)

older servers:
1x Penguin Computing Relion 230
2x Penguin Computing Relion 101
2x Penguin Computing Altus 600
3x Server UPS: SmartUPS 3000XL

A big pile of cat-5 cables (one "pile" is literally a trash can packed full).
Quite a few 5-port switches (mostly cisco desktop I think)
Spare keyboards
A couple of Mac G4s
There might be some older desktop units.
A pile of desktop UPSs, which may or may not have working batteries
Probably some variety of LCD monitors

As it's official now, work is shutting down the business, so anything not wanted by anyone in-house is likely to get trashed if not found a new home.

So there may be a few more things for the list. I won't know until possibly early next week (our IT guy is staying on for transitioning).
I'll put names on things and work out how to arrange pickup.

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