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Re: [PLUG] X2GO vs VNC for Local Remote Desktop

Hi Casey,

See inline replies.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 5:15 AM, Casey Bralla <MailList@nerdworld.org> wrote:
> I like to use standard VNC for remote desktop control of my servers from
> inside my firewall. (direct gigabyte LAN)
> Currently, I use x11vnc as a server on my web server, then use the standard
> KDE remote desktop client to access and control the server remotely.

Are you sure you are using x11vnc rather than one of 4 implementations of Xvnc?

(x11vnc shares out a local display, while Xvnc is a display that can
only be accessed over VNC. Xvnc is typically launched via the
vncserver script.)

If so, are you sharing out the local display, a Xdummy display, or an
Xvfb display?

> This
> works pretty well, but is not is not particularly snappy.

I tested out Ubuntu 14.04's version of x11vnc with its local display,
(and with TigerVNC Client for Windows 1.4.3) and I can confirm it is
indeed not very snappy. In particular, it is sluggish to move windows
x11vnc -unixpw -display WAIT:cmd=FINDCREATEDISPLAY

I then tested out the best general-purpose implementation of Xvnc,
TigerVnc 1.4.3, and it was significantly more snappy, including for
moving windows around.
vncserver -autokill -SecurityTypes=VeNCrypt,TLSPlain -PlainUsers=$USER
-pam_service login -desktop $HOSTNAME +extension GLX

> Would X2GO work well in this application?  Would it be significantly better
> over a gigabyte LAN network?

Yes it would work well. Compared to TigerVNC, no. Compared to x11vnc, yes.

However, X2Go has other benefits that might interest you such as:
seamless window mode (single application mode)
published apps
easier session mangement (no need to manually start VNC server)
sound (uncompressed, but that's fine for gigabit)
folder sharing

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