Casey Bralla on 21 Jun 2015 10:33:52 -0700

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[PLUG] X2Go Usage

I tried X2GO and was very pleasantly surprised by it's good performance.   
Someone on this list suggested that my poor VNC performance might be due to 
the client program I was using, and I think this might be correct.  (I'm using 
the KDE remote desktop viewer.)

I'm using X2Go for a different purpose, however.  Instead of remote desktop 
(which is what I had originally wanted), I am using it to open another X 
instance as a remote terminal.    My main and fastest computer has 2 monitors 
and runs KDE.  I have now added an old Pentium laptop next to them and use 
X2Goclient to open a separate session on the main computer running LXDE.

One occasional disadvantage of running a mutli-monitor setup in KDE is that 
when you change desktops, BOTH monitors change.  (I normally keep 10 different 
desktops, devoted to different applications such as web surfing, eMail, etc)  
Now, however, since the laptop is a completely different instance, it does not 
change when I select a different desktop.   This means I get the best of both 
worlds:  2 monitors change when I change desktops, but one stays constant.

By the way, I use Synergy to allow a single mouse and keyboard to control both 
my main computer and the small laptop.

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