Aaron Mulder on 9 Jul 2015 10:04:46 -0700

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[PLUG] Ubuntu/VNC Resolution

I have Ubuntu Desktop 15.04 installed on a machine with DVI and HDMI
video ports.  I've installed x11vnc to provide VNC remote access.  I
would like to force it to use a resolution 1920x1080 no matter whether
or not a monitor is attached, regardless of which port it's attached
to, regardless of whether or not the monitor is on and/or configured
to watch the input the computer is on, for both the login screen and
the desktop, for either VNC connections or when using it directly via
the monitor, regardless of the state at boot time or the current time.
Basically, ALWAYS 1920x1080, full stop.

My actual experience is that things sometimes come up at 1024x768,
sometimes at 1920x1080 (what it's allegedly configured for), and
sometimes at 3840x2160 (the native resolution of the monitor).
Sometimes if I go into the desktop Config/Display to change the
resolution, it shows a monitor there and I can change the resolution,
and sometimes it does not show any monitor and the resolution controls
are disabled.  I can get it into the state I want via a tedious
process if at some point I attach the monitor, but I've not been able
to without attaching the monitor.  But I just want the global override
to make it like I want, always.

If this is not possible, I would settle for making it work properly
via VNC only with the monitor never attached.

Any ideas?

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