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[PLUG] Basic network monitoring and link quality software

Quick question, since my brain is on other things right now...

A friend of mine, due to some Comcast issues, wants to monitor his internet bandwidth- not just for availability but if possible, also for quality (i.e. am I getting the bandwidth I am paying for).

I know Nagios is the super tool for system/network management but I'm personally not a fan of it- part of that if because I've previously written my own system (i.e. personal bias) but most of it is because whenever I've looked at Nagios, I've been disheartened by what in my view is a system that is overly complicated to do things that are rudimentary.

The question is, is Nagios the only tool for this or is there something out there that just does link availability (and quality) in a simple and straightforward way with the ability to log the data.  My friend is willing to wrap his own tool (he's a Ruby programmer) but if something basic is out there, he's willing to take a look at it.

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