Tim Allen on 10 Jul 2015 07:53:26 -0700

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[PLUG] Wharton Web Conference & Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Django's BDFL

Greetings, PLUG, here with my one-and-only yearly plug (sorry) for the WWC.

The Wharton Web Conference is on Thursday, July 16th, all day. Frank Wiles, who maintains python.org and is a contributor to Python, Django, and PostgreSQL, will be giving a talk on ReactJS. In addition to Frank, the 2015 Wharton Web Conference features keynote Jessie James Garrett, who coined the term AJAX, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, best known for his work on Django and head of security at Heroku, and faculty members Kevin Werbach and Lyle Ungar.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss was the BDFL of Django for many years, a true driving force behind bringing the popular Python web framework to the status it is at today, powering some well known sites on the web: Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest, to name a few.

Only a few tickets remain: http://whr.tn/wwc
Use code PNTM for a 20% discount!

If you can't make the conference, Jacob is also doing a benefit talk in the evening for PyLadies, with a recommended donation of just $5, brought to you by PhillyPUG and PANMA. Jacob Kaplan-Moss is known for his work on Django, but, as he would describe in his PyCon 2015 keynote, many think he had more to do with its creation than he actually did. The theme of that keynote was something that software development organizations - and open source projects - may be grappling with: a myth about developer performance and how it impacts the industry.

Jacob will draw on his early experience with Django, his own accomplishments as a long distance runner, and talent acquisition and retention challenges that he's observed throughout his career, to illustrate how the talent myth sets an "impossibly high bar for entry". The fact that any of us are here at all "is kind of shocking given this myth". It needs to be dismantled and a community that recognizes that "average is actually pretty awesome" should be built in its place.

Jacob self-identifies as a mediocre programmer and invites others to join him; "together we can do our jobs perfectly adequately".

This talk was previously given as the closing Keynote at PyCon 2015.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-talent-myth-tickets-17400860442

I hope you can make it to both events - or either!



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