Keith C. Perry on 14 Aug 2015 09:08:12 -0700

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[PLUG] FOSSCON communication ops

This might not be the right place to talk about this but Chris (paden) and I were talking about this and I figured I would just put it out there.  I know Jedi Jim is lurking too...

Are we going to have a net up for FOSSCON?  To operations cases come to mind here:
I want to credit Jim for getting me to first consider the Baofeng's last year.  I didn't want to put out the money to fix or replace my Yaesu so this sub $100 was perfect to get me back on the net after a very long time being away.

Anyway, this is first full FOSSCON so I'm not sure how things have operated before but I thought I would ask.

73, N3QQZ clear


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