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Re: [PLUG] FOSSCON communication ops

On Aug 14, 2015 12:08, "Keith C. Perry" <> wrote:
> This might not be the right place to talk about this but Chris (paden) and I were talking about this and I figured I would just put it out there.  I know Jedi Jim is lurking too...
> Are we going to have a net up for FOSSCON?  To operations cases come to mind here:

Great idea!

> general communication for FOSSCON operations
> opportunity to show and talk about amatuer radio to attendees.  This includes pointing out to people that they do not have to be licensed to purchase the radio and ANY decent vhf/uhf ham radio is going to be worth getting because you can use it for  FRS and MURS without a license.  If someone has or wants a GMRS license they can also use the same rig.  Point being, they can listen in on amateur stations and even if they don't license (or get licensed right away), the radio is still useable.

It's worth noticing that some vhf/uhf radios don't allow transmitting on FRS/MURS bands by default (to my surprise). It's better to check the spec before purchasing one.

eg., for TH-F6A, some electrical mod is needed:

> I want to credit Jim for getting me to first consider the Baofeng's last year.  I didn't want to put out the money to fix or replace my Yaesu so this sub $100 was perfect to get me back on the net after a very long time being away.
> Anyway, this is first full FOSSCON so I'm not sure how things have operated before but I thought I would ask.
> 73, N3QQZ clear
> :)

By the way, I'm quite new to amateur radio. I was encouraged by my college friend and took the exam, but didn't try much after getting my callsign (KC3CES). Anyway, I'm looking forward to play more with radio if time allows.



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