Casey Bralla on 28 Aug 2015 17:08:29 -0700

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[PLUG] How to Design a Great Web Site

I've been tasked with quickly designing and deploying a web site for my local 
political group.   I run my own web servers, so I don't have to pay for 

I'm reasonably proficient at creating static web sites, but this one has to 
look more elaborate and "modern" than I am able to do without lots of grunting 
and cursing (wow! css is confusing and aggravating!).

If I were to buy web hosting services for $50/month, I could simply do a pull-
down design from the hosting company and get something that looked 
professional pretty fast.   However, I am too stubborn and too cheap to use 
somebody else's web hosting when I've got all these megacycles sitting idle in 
my basement <grin>.

I've played around with a few HTML programs like Kompozer, but they don't seem 
very nice.  I'd like to use Drupal, but I found it too confusing to master 

Ideally, I'd like to find an on-line design tool that will generate the html 
and css files and let me download them to run on my server.

Anybody got any suggestions?   If I can't figure this out by this weekend, 
I'll probably go the expensive route.


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