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Re: [PLUG] How to Design a Great Web Site

I agree. Wordpress is not insecure. That reputation is mostly from their early days when php-based sites were considered a bad idea, and everyone was jumping on that bandwagon without knowing what they were doing. Wordpress has come a long way since then. I'm not as active in website management as I used to be, but it's clear the Wordpress folks have leapfrogged Drupal/Joomla in terms of security and updating infrastructure. They've also add enough built-in capabilities and streamlined plugins enough that it's now possible to do things with Wordpress that you used to need Drupal for. (Ex. CiviCRM)

They have the ability to auto update the site for minor and security releases. (This can be turned off.) Likewise, their major releases are incremental, don't require rebuilding/redesigning the site, and are easy enough to launch from within Wordpress.

Of course you'll still want to have a good backup in place, but that's fairly easy to do as well.

This means they practically enforce good and manageable site design. I've seen enough horror stories where a Drupal site designer thought it was a great idea to edit Drupal/Joomla files directly, instead of using custom themes or other appropriate places. Since upgrades are so complex anyway, there's no incentive to do things properly for the next person who has to manage your site.

Granted, you can still screw it up, but you have to work at it. :)

I echo other comments regarding not going nuts with plugins. As someone who is used to hand coding sites, there aren't likely many you'll need, especially these days.

- PaulNM

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