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[PLUG] Fall 2015 presentation schedule

We still have some a number of slots open for talks so if you are interested in doing a presentation or have an idea for one, respond here so we can get the presenters and dates locked in so there is enough time to prepare.

For myself, I will be doing "Virtualizing Bare-Metal Systems with QEMU" @ PLUG-Central for October 2015

I also have two other talks that haven't been confirmed yet...

"Screencasting, Recording and Conversation techniques with FFmpeg" @ PLUG-West for October 2015 ?? (FIS or ATS?)
"Building VPN servers with OpenVPN" @ PLUG-Central for ?

...but I'm happy to do them at North or West first if people want them or the QEMU talk.

I've also mentioned doing some "war games" type events since there seems to be some interest there out of the PLUG North meetings.  Not really a "talk" but that could be an interesting event.  Certainly some other security talks generally would be good- I have some ideas but I'm wondering what other members are thinking.

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