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Re: [PLUG] Mobile phone repair shops for a cracked glass (Nexus 6)


I actually had a very good experience last night. My wife is rough on technology, and will be the first to admit, if a plug doesn't fit a port... she'll force it harder. The USB charging port on her Galaxy S4 paid the price after two years, and it was getting harder and harder to charge.

We took it to @PhillyTechGuy on 20th Street (108 S 20th) at 6pm last night. It was fixed and working beautifully by 7pm. The total cost was $79. I could have attempted it at home with a FYI kit for $20, but didn't want to wait a few days, or mess around with a spudger, etc. I figured it was worth the cost to get someone who does this multiple times a day to do it.

And if the $79 gets me two more years, I'll consider that a big win.





On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Guo Yixuan <culu.gyx@gmail.com> wrote:


Unfortunately, I dropped my Nexus 6 recently and broke the front glass. However, the digitizer (for touch input) and the LCD still work. So I wish to ask the list about recommendation for a good local repair shop.

Background: Motorola provides fix for out-of-warranty physical damage, with a flat fee of $175. Considering that the front glass replacement is available at arount $10, and a reasonable labor/service fee of around $50, this charge is quite high. (The display assembly, that is, glass+digitizer+lcd, seems to cost ~$200, so this charge is somehow reasonable for more severe damage cases.)

A low cost option would be just buying a front glass, separating the old one from the digitizer, and attaching the new one to it. The separating step is the most risky one, and requires some tools (heat gun and/or hot water bag).

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