Art Clemons on 25 Oct 2015 20:23:33 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Need All-in-One Recommendation

On 10/25/2015 05:05 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:
My Brother all-in-one has just died, and i need to replace it.

I've generally liked Brother equipment; it's inexpensive and __mostly__ works
with Linux. However, they make you download an rpm or deb file, and I have to
jump through some hoops to make them work on Gentoo.

I want an all-in-one that is already listed in the foomatic database.

I thought that HP would be safe, but I see very few AIO in the database at

This is for home use, so I gotta stay under about $400.

Aside from the fact that Linux support for you and for me is the generic Epson inkjet tar.gz, and that the cheapest price for the printer I'm about to suggest is $379 online, the Epson ET-2500 ecotank printer is likely the least expensive inkjet to operate in the long run since the cost of ink refills is so relatively low. It prints well under Slackware (hence the tar.gz). The scanner though required me converting from Debian to a format for Slackware and unusually I had to reboot before the scanner portion was detected by Xsane. By this time I would have expected sane support for generic Epson scanners to work, but it did not work out for me. Still since I have other scanners even without the scanner section working, the printer would have been a worthwhile purchase in terms of savings on inkjet ink.
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