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Re: [PLUG] some bash help


That is fantastic and I intend to steal this for use when ssh'ing into servers from home, since we have to route through a server to get to any others when not on the network.

Very nice.

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 12:51 PM, Gavin W. Burris <> wrote:
Hi, Carl.

You can do an ssh proxy through an intermediate host.

Put something like this in your ~/.ssh/config file.

Host server-a
       User carl
       Port 22
       Ciphers arcfour,blowfish-cbc
Host server-b
       ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p server-a

Then you can just:  ssh server-b


On Wed 10/28/15 12:46PM EDT, Carl Johnson wrote:
> I have a server that I need to use as a transparent jump box to another
> network. What I'd like to do is have a "serveradmin" user be able to SSH
> into "serverA" and automatically be SSH'ed into another server, "serverB".
> If this second ssh session to serverB is killed (i.e. ctrl+c) or dies for
> whatever reason I'd like the original ssh session to serverA to collapse
> too.
> How can I do this? Is it even possible? Do I have to do some sort of if
> while true magic in .bashrc or what? Maybe the first server has to look for
> exit codes other than "0"?
> I've gotten the easy part done already. I can SSH in as serveradmin but
> while at the login prompt of the second server if I ctrl+c I get dumped
> back into a bash prompt on the first server. What I'd like to do is prevent
> this recursion if possible.

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