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Re: [PLUG] Blogging platform

BoaGen...  it's written in bash!!!  Right up your alley JP!

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On 11/10/2015 03:40 PM, Douglas Muth wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 3:26 PM, Keith C. Perry
> < <>> wrote:
>     Getting back to the point of JP's post though...  What I like about
>     the Troy Hunt article was that 2 other things, GitHub Pages and
>     Ghost, were mentioned as alternatives to Wordpress and that is good
>     thing so that people have choices.
> Speaking of GitHub pages, I'm surprised Jekyll didn't get mentioned:
> Jekyll lets you create static sites from Markdown and you have the
> option of uploading just the static HTML and minified CSS and Javascript
> to the target htdocs directory.  Because you can't hijack code that is
> never executed. :-)
> GitHub pages also feature built-in integration with
> Jekyll:
> That makes deploying changes to a Jekyll site hosted with them as easy
> as doing a "git push".

That's very cool.  I generate my site doing something similar in Perl
code I wrote that's so old and embarrassing I don't even want to think
about it.  Next time I do a revamp I'll certainly do something like this.

Here's a list of a ton of them:
Ha, check out Hyde "Jekyll's evil Python powered twin". :-)
Lots for every language, though the majority seem to be Ruby and Python.
 Heck, I see Clojure, Scala and even a few in bash!

I was dancing around this concept a little in my remarks about "simple,"
but I figured my method was too ugly and crude (I guarantee my current
Perl *implementation* is!).  I should have remembered who I was talking
to, this group would appreciate an approach like that, where-as the
"typical" Marketing folks...not so much.

Semi-related: I've been doing some writing in AsciiDoc lately and
**REALLY** liking it.  Check out for a
publishing outfit using Markdown for everything.  And O'Reilly has been
using AsciiDoc for several years now, see and  Oh, they've added Markdown
support, last I checked that wasn't there.

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