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Re: [PLUG] Update: Update: Off-topic: Cell Phone Call Quality

Point 1 is propaganda from the network operators. Call quality and data speeds via an MVNO are not inherently degraded in any way. For an example, I was previously on T-Mobile postpaid, then pre-paid, and am currently on the Wal-mart-hosted 'Family Mobile' prepaid MVNO (Operated by T-Mobile, on their network). The network availability, call quality, and data speeds have been exactly the same on all three carriers. The big carriers, however, would really rather you deal with them directly, as they receive larger and unshared profits that way. Barring any actual evidence against, I think these circumstantial data points are sufficient to refute the unproven claim.

Call quality and data performance are highly dependent on the quality of the handset, though, and many MVNOs provide very low quality handsets in an effort to compete with financed handsets via the main operators. This may have been used as "evidence" of MVNO inferiority in the past. With BYO handsets being more and more common, carrier financing slowly declining, and a number of very high quality unlocked handsets now being available, I'd say this is a declining concern.

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 1:29 PM, Greg Helledy <> wrote:
1.  It was my understanding that quality of voice and data service is likely to be lower on plans provided by the resellers/piggybackers than on plans from the four network owners (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile).  The big 4 may have a different marketing name for their prepaid plans, which are of the same quality as their postpaid/flagship plans, but any reseller will involve a quality tradeoff.

Am I wrong on that?

I am very happy with the quality of signal I get from T-Mobile, and the price I pay.  BUT, it works for me because I spend nearly all my time in built-up/metro areas.  Coverage seems to be weak in rural areas (northern Bucks County, the Poconos).

2.  Android's built-in email app (at least in Android 4) is terrible compared to K-9 Mail.

3.  Who's got a favorite calendaring app?  I need to be able to connect via CalDAV to servers I've set up, so something that just works with Google Calendar isn't useful for me.  Right now I have SolCalendar ( which is ok.  One thing I cannot get it to do is ignore alerts from one calendar, while providing them with another.  That is, you choose what type of alert notification you want (beep, vibrate, on-screen notification) but the choice is systemwide, not per-calendar.

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