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Re: [PLUG] Linux Mint 17.3

Thomas, thanks for the clarification, some of that was new to me.  I
tend to use the CLI for admin tasks, so I was not aware of that update
feature in the GUI, though it's not surprising.

Rich, I'm reading you as saying "Ubuntu LTS point releases ... do not
automatically upgrade" and my experience is that they do, *except for
HWE* which may be your real point.

I installed and/or upgraded pure Ubuntu/Mythbuntu 14.04.0 on 4 machines,
and all are now "Description: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS" and I did nothing
special to get them there. Now, that said, *how* I do updates is
`aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade` so that "full-upgrade" part
might be an answer. I don't ever recall being prompted or notified in
any way to go from 14.04.0 to .1, .2 or .3, now or in years passed with
10.04 or 12.04.  And is
currently for 14.04.3 and says nothing about how to upgrade from older
14.04.x releases.

I do agree that I do NOT have the new HWE bits though.  I mostly use old
hardware so I have not needed to bother with those extra/manual steps.
Docs here for any interested:

The best I was able to find so far on this is an older
which says:
"How to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.4: ...

"The normal software updates will bring your system up to 12.04.4, but
the Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE; the *-lts-saucy packages) is not
part of those updates (by policy)."

So we may be on the same page but just saying it different ways...  I
was trying to say that pure Ubuntu machines, (and also Debian and
CentOS/RHEL) automatically install point releases during regular updates
(at least how I do them).  Mint does not, and I found that a surprise,
though I quite possibly failed to RTFM at some point.

Am I being especially dense today?

On 12/03/2015 10:45 AM, Rich Mingin (PLUG) wrote:
> Another agreeing/clarifying detail:
> Linux Mint point releases are based off of the Ubuntu LTS point
> releases, and those also do not automatically upgrade. If you installed
> 14.04.0 back when, it's 14.04.0 still, unless you took action. You don't
> get updated to the 14.04.3 HWE stack unless you opt in or install using
> newer media.
> Now, unlike Mint, 14.04.0 with all updates is identical to an updated
> 14.04.3 install, minus the kernel/X/etc bits that are updated. Mint
> chooses not to validate their new fun bits on the old kernel/stack, but
> that's defensible, IMO.

> On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 10:26 AM, Thomas Delrue <
> <>> wrote:
> On 12/02/2015 04:06 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
>> I just learned that my assumption that if I was running Linux Mint 17
>> that I'd automatically get 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, etc. is wrong.  That *is*
>> how Debian and Redhat work, so to my mind this violates the principle
>> of least surprise, which Mint also violates by manually editing LSB
>> files thus causing perpetual file conflicts on updates.  But I
>> digress...
>> So you have to do something like this to jump from 17.0 to 17.3:
>> `for list in $(grep -lR 'qiana' /etc/apt/*list*); do echo sed -i
>> 's/qiana/rosa/' $list; done`
> You can also just open the Update Manager and go to the Edit menu and
> select "Update to 17.[1-2] (codename)". It's pretty much as painless as
> it can be made.
> For more information about why Mint doesn't behave like Debian or Redhat
> (partially because it *isn't* Debian nor RedHat): you can check out
> It boils down to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it; upgrade because *you*
> want to, not because the Distro-Team has decided you should".
> I especially like that last part of the sentence: "because *you* want
> to."
> That being said: the instructions above are for when you want to use
> 17.3 /BEFORE/ it has been released. You won't find "Update to 17.3" in
> the update manager yet as it hasn't been released yet! (but you will
> find 'Update to .2 or .1' if you're still on an older version)
> As soon as 17.3 reaches GA, it'll pop up in the Edit menu and you can
> upgrade to it from there.
> As for the site being down, that still appears to be the case as of this
> moment :(

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