Rich Mingin (PLUG) on 22 Dec 2015 09:23:21 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Windows 10/UEFI/SecureBoot

It's a requirement for the Windows logo program that x86 machines be able to disable Secure Boot. It's a requirement for the Windows logo program for other architectures that it *not* be possible to disable Secure Boot. I have Secure Boot disabled on all my systems except one, an HP Stream 7 that simply will not/can not disable it. It's important to note that while you can turn SB on and off, turning it on will generally break any boot setups that are already in place.

Greg - Before burning that bridge, please do verify that all your hardware is fully functional under Linux. On semi-embedded systems like that, finding out that the Bluetooth doesn't work is an issue, since you can't trivially replace it. Even then, you may want to keep around a very minimalist Windows install, precisely to apply firmware updates.

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 12:19 PM, Greg Helledy <> wrote:
I was actually hoping to get myself a Dell 2-in-1 when I get the funds together, so this question has caught my attention.

Is all of this complication necessary only when one wants to DUAL BOOT, leaving preinstalled windows in place, or is it still an issue if I want to use the whole drive for linux?  The machine I was looking at comes preinstalled with Windows 10; can I just create the partition table from scratch if I don't want anything that's on the drive, like we've always been able to do?

(If I do want to keep the Windows OS around for hardware support/warranty purposes, I could buy myself an SSD and swap out the installed drive before booting the computer.)

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