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Re: [PLUG] DUAL Booting With "Modern" UEFI & SDD

You should just be aware that boards with modern chipsets such as the X99 can boot either UEFI or Legacy OS installations, and Windows 10 can be installed either Legacy or UEFI, as can Ubuntu.  It will all go best for you if multibooting OSs that are all Legacy or all UEFI rather than a mix.  So it might be worth confirming that Windows is installed UEFI before you start on Ubuntu: 


If it was installed Legacy for some reason, you could convert it to UEFI:


Then you could install Ubuntu as UEFI and all should be well.

Hopefully none of that will be necessary -- supposedly Microsoft is pushing everyone pre-installing Windows to use UEFI.


On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 12:42 AM, Ira Laefsky <ira.laefsky@gmail.com> wrote:


I have used Ubuntu extensively and am considering buying a new PC based upon the ASUS X99 USB3.1

containing a 256 GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO as well as 2 2TB Seagate HDD(s) I need Ubuntu for my research, but unfortunately also have to use Windows 10 (preinstalled) for certain administrative and other functions

I have recently had the bad experience of losing a HP All-in-One installing Ubuntu 15.10 (dual boot) according to the instructions in the Ubuntu/Canonical Forum and am very apprehensive about purchasing a new PC workstation with UEFI and SSD and installing Ubuntu Dual-Boot.  Could you provide me with accurate pointers or advice on these

New BIOS/UEFI and SDD technologies, and the terrors of Modern Dual-Boot.



I would be grateful for any advice.


Thank you

Ira Laefsky

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