JP Vossen on 22 Dec 2015 14:08:18 -0800

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[PLUG] ffmpeg slides and cheat sheet

Thanks to Keith for a very interesting `ffmpeg` talk last night at PLUG

Also, per the "ffmpeg vs. avconv" discussion my notes are: Ubuntu 14.04,
ffmpeg = avconv, but as discussed that may vary and may chance.

No pressure, but I'd be interested in both the slides and a cheat sheet
of `ffmpeg` commands to use for different things.

Things I've tried to do over the years:
* Rip audio from a video file
* Capture video of a Linux desktop (your screen-cast stuff)
* Convert .flv to <something better>
* Convert m4a to mp3
* Convert FLAC into mp3
* Convert ogg into mp3

Stuff from your,
which is already in the slides anyway.

Whatever else comes to mind.  :-)

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