Casey Bralla on 27 Dec 2015 10:15:43 -0800

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[PLUG] Off-topic Rant: Don't Buy Brother Products!

A month or so ago, my Brother DCP-7065 printer started giving me "Toner Low" error messages. I was pretty sure the toner was still good, but the printer refused to work and would only flash the toner low error.


I considered buying a new toner cartridge, but hesitated because (as we all know) a new cartridge is almost as expensive as a new printer.


I concluded that the printer was likely dead and a new cartridge might not fix the problem. If this theory was correct, a new cartridge would not fix the problem and would be a waste of $100. Instead, I bought an HP. (Brother's Linux support is hit or miss, anyway, although I generally like their equipment.)



This morning, I was reading on-line about laser printers and how they play games with the cartridges. They mentioned that a hard reset might clear the low toner, and even listed the button sequences to do the reset for a different Brother printer. A little googling and I found the sequence for my printer.


Luckily, I had not yet thrown away the printer (it was sitting in my e-waste pile). 10 minutes later, my old printer came back to life.


I am really ticked at Brother. The only good news is that they outsmarted themselves and lost a customer. They tried to trick me into buying another expensive cartridge, and instead I bought a competitor's product (that has aftermarket toner cartridges at half price).


So, to my friends at Brother, I say "Good riddance to bad rubbish"


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