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Re: [PLUG] UEFI Boot order

Glad to hear it!  I would probably rebuild this on another drive but as a final test but one thing to keep in mind is that bad data could have been written to the NTFS volume while you had the RAM issue.  The only way to heal that would be to be rebuild the fs onto another drive as a way to eliminate fs structure issues.  There are probably a lot of bad checksums that are being processed.

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Rich, et al,

I slaved the drive to another computer and had absolutely no problem pulling the files off. It did report a problem with the drive on boot, but otherwise I had no problems accessing it. I did try a repair to the drive once I had pulled the files off. It showed a couple of minor errors, but nothing that would account for why Windows runs so slow when booted to the drive.

I will put it back into the notebook when I get home tonight. Two simultaneous errors (memory and HD) seems highly unlikely, so I am not convinced there is much wrong with the drive, but do not see what else it could be.


Excellent, a simple fix. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

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