Eric Lucas on 7 Feb 2016 12:20:14 -0800

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[PLUG] Automatically connect to a single wireless network

I have a friend with an odd request.

He's trying to get a number of Ubuntu laptops set up and they need to
automatically connect to a specific wireless network - and NO OTHER.    The
network DHCP server has a list of MAC addresses and only responds to those
specific computers.  The user should never have to (or be able to) enter the
key for the network authentication.

The issue here is the users are state prisoners and at least one site close to
the prison has wireless.  Although the prisoners don't have the credentials to
access that network it does not mean that someone else couldn't set up another
wireless for the purpose of allowing certain (paying?) prisoners to get
directly to the Internet.

Any idea how would this be done?  I can envision how manual configuration of
the network and disabling the GUI tools would work for eth0 but I have no idea
how to restrict the wireless access to a single hard-coded network and no
prompt for the password.

He did not specify but I'm guessing he's using a 15.x version of Ubuntu.

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