Louis K on 19 Mar 2016 07:24:59 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MythTV Front-end Recommendations

This isn't an ideal solution but is what I ended up doing in a similar scenario. It's not an answer to your question but thought it might help others in the same boat.

A few years back I had a similar issue: I was  tired of running high energy machines just when I wanted to watch TV. I ended running plexmediaserver on the back end (same as mythtv backend box) and use a rasberry pi running rasplex for the front end. I had to configure Mythtv to name the recordings in a plex-friendly manner, but that wasn't difficult.

Only works on recorded shows, no live tv. (though this plugin may solve this).
No way to set recordings via plex, have to use mythweb.

Rasplex works with most remotes, my stream zap (which I was using for lirc before) worked out of the box.
Plex serves other media I have on my server (photos, etc) and works on my phone too (a nice way to watch dvr recordings off site).

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