Carl Johnson on 31 Mar 2016 05:57:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Endian firewall - was Swapping motherboards

that's probably what you want to do right?

On March 31, 2016 7:44:46 AM EDT, "Eric H. Johnson" <> wrote:

Any Endian firewall gurus? Per below, I replaced the motherboard in my
Endian firewall, which runs RHEL. I tried to do a recovery from the original
media, but that package does not seem to provide a recovery option.

So no great loss, I have the weekly backups. I reloaded from the original
2.5.1 install CD, and could talk to it over the green network connected to
the native LAN port on the Atom motherboard. I also have a two port PCI LAN
adapter for the other two legs, which is unchanged after swapping
motherboards, so the only LAN adapter with a different MAC address is the
one on the motherboard.

I had no problems restoring the configuration from the backup, however after
I do I can no longer talk to the firewall on any LAN port. Where, for
instance, is the interfaces file that is under /etc/network on Debian

Any other ideas?


Hello, Eric.

You'll want to boot from the install media into rescue mode. That will give
a root prompt with the on-disk system mounted under the /mnt/sysimage/
directory. You should then be able to run something like:

# chroot /mnt/sysimage/
# grub2-install


On Tue 03/29/16 10:49AM EDT, Eric H. Johnson wrote:

I had an Atom motherboard die and replaced it with a slightly later
Atom board, both dual core and only slightly different in
specifications. When I try to boot with the new board Grub 2 gives an
error to the effect

mkrootdev UUID . Not found

Followed by a bunch of mount errors. The boot device is a SATA SSD. Is
it the fact that the UUID of the SATA port has changed? Can I replace
it with the current UUID, and where would I find it?

The OS is RHEL, not that it ever gets that far.



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