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Re: [PLUG] Bash on Windows?

From what I read on the topic the focus is mostly to support containers on Windows. There isn't a way possible Microsoft's currents software architecture to support containers natively. The goal is to allow docker or a docker compatible extension. This is good news for Linux developers and admins.

We need to stop focusing on "the addition of BASH" aspect as much as Windows is trying to add support for native container development. But don't get me wrong, Microsoft is not blindly opening its doors to Linux either. They are merely accepting open source software isn't going anywhere and are discovering to exploit it versus denying it. Remember, Microsoft did make a play by open sourcing .NET 5.0 with the intention of putting it on Linux. My question is what is going to be next and what should we expect?


On Mar 31, 2016 8:07 AM, "Anthony Martin" <anthony.j.martin142@gmail.com> wrote:
This is meant as a tool for developers more than actual desktop use from my understanding. I think Microsoft is grasping at straws trying to pull themselves out of the hole they are in that just keeps getting deeper with smother walls. Bringing SQL server to Linux is proof they realize that windows is slipping in the enterprise environment and this move with adding "BASH" to Windows 10 is admitting they are losing a lot of developers to Linux and OSX.

Anthony Martin

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On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 10:21 PM, JP Vossen <jp@jpsdomain.org> wrote:
On 03/30/2016 09:05 PM, Mike DePaulo wrote:
On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 8:53 PM, Chris Grabowy <cgrabowy@gmail.com> wrote:
Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows 10


Please don’t flog me if this topic is not relevant but for those of us stuck at work with a Windows desktop/laptop this will be heaven...

"a new Linux subsystem in Windows 10"

Wow. Remember that Microsoft retired SUA/SFU.

* https://linux.slashdot.org/story/16/03/30/1021224/microsoft-and-canonical-partner-to-bring-ubuntu-to-windows-10-says-report
* Updated: https://linux.slashdot.org/story/16/03/30/1021224/confirmed-microsoft-and-canonical-partner-to-bring-ubuntu-to-windows-10
* Excellent: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2016/03/ubuntu-on-windows.html
* Related: http://news.slashdot.org/story/15/06/02/1950234/microsoft-to-support-ssh-in-windows-and-contribute-to-openssh

Several hours ago I sent an email at work with the subject line "Bringing all the stability and security of Windows to Ubuntu."  I'm really torn, because on one hand I think this is horrible idea, per that subject line.  On the other hand, IF it actually works, having useful tools (esp. SSH) on Windows would be cool for us on this list.

But for those new to Ubuntu, how does saddling Ubuntu with all the pain, instability and insecurity of Windows affect the perception of Ubuntu?

And related, how will this affect Cygwin?

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