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For various reasons, the version of KDE provided with mainstream linux distributions lags far behind what its developers are currently working on (KDE 5.6, while for example the LTS release of Kubuntu, 14.04, still has KDE 4). So, the organization has created a project called Neon, which will be two things:
1.  A replacement set of KDE packages for Kubuntu (and other Ubuntu flavors)
2. An installable live CD of Kubuntu, with its KDE already replaced with the latest versions.

Currently, 2. is using Ubuntu 15.10, but they plan to use only LTS versions once 16.04 is out. So this should be a usable OS, not just a demonstration project. That will be the "User Edition" of Neon when it's released.

As a KDE user, I took the "Developer Edition" out for a spin, and I have to say I like KDE 5.

Here's the main download page.

I used the git-stable branch image. I couldn't test every possible thing of course but I liked what I saw. The only thing that didn't seem to work properly is the Discover app, which is the software store. At first I thought I might be having trouble figuring it out but it's apparently not ready for prime time. I apt-got synaptic and went from there. Other than that it looks nice. Maybe worthy of consideration for any new machines once 16.04 comes out (next week).

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