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Re: [PLUG] [plug-announce] TOMORROW - Tue, Apr 19, 2016: PLUG North - "Linux Containers" by Jason Plum and Rich Freeman (*6:30 pm* at CoreDial in Blue Bell)

Thanks to all who came out.  As I said when I started - we could have
easily chatted about containers all week long.  Hopefully everybody
was able to grok the concepts at least.

Slides can be found at:

I'm sure a video will be up shortly.

One of the questions that came up at the end was a quick recipe for
setting up a network bridge in systemd-networkd so that you could
easily run containers on their own interfaces.  This recipe will also
work for kvm (which is why my bridge is named brkvm - I just recycled
my kvm bridge for nspawn).

Inside /etc/systemd/network create the following files:
cat brkvm.netdev





Note that the above is for a static interface.  You could replace the
DNS/Address/Gateway lines with DHCP=yes and just use DHCP.  My
container host is also my dhcp server.

You'll need to tweak the last one if this box is also a router, unless
you wanted to bridge your multiple external interfaces.  You'd just
have multiple network interface files and give each a more specific
name file with their individual configurations.  The match on name=e*
covers both the traditional eth0 and the newer udev persistent names.

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