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Re: [PLUG] KDE Neon

I started using KDE5 when I upgraded to OpenSUSE 42.1 about two months ago.  While it is pretty, IMHO it is functionally inferior to KDE4. They've taken a lot of features out that I find I can't live without.  For example, Dolphin no longer allows you to restart previous sessions (or if it does I haven't found how to enable it) and the option to use single or double-click is gone... you're now forced to use single click for everything. There's some other minor features missing that I find a pain but not deal killers.

While I could deal with the limitations above and change my behavior, I am a laptop user and have several different monitor configurations.  At home I have an HDMI monitor I plug in to, at work I have docking station with dual heads attached and on the road I just have my laptop screen or external projector.  KDE4 used to remember all these configurations and switch seamlessly between them.  This seems to be all gone with KDE5.  Every time my display configuration changes I have to reconfigure KDE5.  As much as I change my displays on a daily basis (to and from work)... total deal killer for me.

I've actually started using Trinity which is based on KDE3.  While it isn't as pretty as KDE4 or 5, it is much more functional than 5 by a long shot.  On my other system I've started using Deepin DE which I'm really starting to like. If I can get Deepin DE to work reliably on SUSE I will probably convert to that on all my systems.  I'm not saying it's unreliable, I’ve just started playing with it.

These are just my experiences and opinions.. I'm sure others will have better experiences. I occasionally go back to it to give it another shot but it usually lasts a day or two at most.  I probably won't be going back to KDE5 full time any time soon.

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 11:39 AM, Keith C. Perry <kperry@daotechnologies.com> wrote:
I was all ready to roll my first attempt at some virtualized Ubuntu 14.04 LTS --> 16.04 LTS release upgrades except that "do-release-upgrade" couldn't find anything.  Then I found this...

So, it looks like in place upgrades become available in a couple of months.  That's probably a good thing since user feedback might show some point releases are necessary.  However, it is possible to upgrade to the latest (and last?) 16.04 beta by adding the "-d" parameter.  The complete command is simply:

"do-release-upgrade -d"

If you can't wait, that's the way to proceed and then you should be able to upgrade to the official release when it become available.

I would normally wait but this time around I'm going to do this so I can see how my Kubuntu (personal desktops) and Lubuntu (personal and client servers) nodes fair.  I'm particularly interested in how the move to systemd is handled by release upgrades.  If it blows up or I don't like what I see, I can always roll back the snapshot of the VM and wait for the official release.  :D

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Well, thanks to you reminding me the 21st was next week, I've put it in my calendar :)  'Gonna spin up a VM of my current system this week as prep.

I'll certainly report my findings.


Well, thanks to you reminding me the 21st was next week, I've put it in my calendar :)  'Gonna spin up a VM of my current system this week as prep.

I'll certainly report my findings.


On Apr 11, 2016 5:08 PM, Greg Helledy <gregsonh@gra-inc.com> wrote:
> > I've been using Plasma 5 on my Arch partition for some weeks now and
> > I do like it- amazingly they smoothed out a couple of things just
> > when I thought they couldn't.  I'm looking forward to my Kubuntu
> > 14.04 upgrade to 16.04 to see how much of my KDE 4 settings persists
> > to Plasma 5.  Should be interesting...
> I'm sure people would like to hear about that.
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