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[PLUG] Suggested distro for a new Dell 2-in-1? Anyone heard of "MX Linux"?

So if you want supported, Dell only knows Ubuntu. If you need newest, Mint
18 should be out very soon, and is 16.04 based.

That would be another choice, just wait for Mint 18 (although the KDE release will be later than the main release).

And while I support your right to avoid systemd, I think that's a losing
battle. I gave up and am just dealing with it. Unless your arguments
against are technical instead of philosophical, it's a losing battle, all
the major distros are on systemd, so the number of non-systemd distro
releases are dropping and will continue to do so.

I agree. But my thought is if I can put something on my new machine that is good and supported for at least a few years, by the time it needs to be replaced the situation may be improved: either there will be alternatives to systemd, or systemd will at least be working significantly better. I can hope.

Gentoo is still systemd optional as I have heard many people have flocked
from Debian over to avoid the systemd switch.

From the little I know of Gentoo, that would be a pretty big change. I have read a bit about Devuan, which is a fork of Debian--as in, a clone of Debian except with systemd replaced.

I do have to wonder how long being systemd-free will be possible. My gut tells me that as systemd works its way into more and more functions, important pieces of the GNU ecology will be rewritten to depend on it. I don't know how long it will take but it's heading that way. I've seen comments implying that KDE itself will soon require systemd.

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