Greg Helledy on 12 May 2016 12:18:10 -0700

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[PLUG] Suggested distro for a new Dell 2-in-1? Anyone heard of "MX Linux"?

Mint has a great selection of tools I'd lose by going elsewhere. 17.3 (I think) introduced a kernel chooser feature in the software updater. On my AMD64 system I can choose from several releases of each of these:
3.13 (default for Mint 17 and 17.1)
3.16 (default for Mint 17.2)
3.19 (default for Mint 17.3)

After my first post today I switched from 3.19 to 4.4, which went without a hitch. It's on a VM so there's not as much interaction with hardware as there would be on bare metal but knowing I can use a kernel that new with Mint makes me happy. Still leaves me with systemd, though.

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