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Re: [PLUG] Looking for help with Chrome on lubuntu 14.04 trusty i386

It's been much more than just Windows 10, it is not just a recent thing.

Anyway, let's let the list get back to focusing on Linux, and not faults and features of other OSes.

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, JP Vossen <jp@jpsdomain.org> wrote:
I never understood why it's only Linux lists that like insulting other
OSes. I'm on a couple Windows lists for work, and I never see any similar
remarks about other OSes, Linux or otherwise.

What do YOU call software that installs itself even when you explicitly do NOT want it to?  That's malware to me...

What do YOU call software that sends all kinds of details back to its home servers, even when you've told it not to?  That's spyware to me...

How do you NOT define Win10 as both malware and spyware?

Note that latter argument could be made against Ubuntu and various lenses or scopes or whatever they are, until they finally turned that crap off by default.  But as I understand it if you care and turned that off it stayed off and was actually off.

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