Thomas Delrue on 19 May 2016 18:05:03 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Looking for help with Chrome on lubuntu 14.04 trusty i386

First subject of the day: The lack of forced updates and lack of
mandatory 'telemetry' collection when running "`uname -v | cut --fields
1 --delim ' ' | cut --fields 2 --delim '-'`"

ok, ok... I'll get my coat and get out...

On 05/19/2016 08:35 PM, Michael Leone wrote:
> It's been much more than just Windows 10, it is not just a recent
> thing.
> Anyway, let's let the list get back to focusing on Linux, and not
> faults and features of other OSes.
> On Thursday, May 19, 2016, JP Vossen <> wrote:
>> I never understood why it's only Linux lists that like insulting
>> other
>>> OSes. I'm on a couple Windows lists for work, and I never see any
>>> similar remarks about other OSes, Linux or otherwise.
>> What do YOU call software that installs itself even when you
>> explicitly do NOT want it to?  That's malware to me...
>> What do YOU call software that sends all kinds of details back to
>> its home servers, even when you've told it not to?  That's spyware
>> to me...
>> How do you NOT define Win10 as both malware and spyware?
>> Note that latter argument could be made against Ubuntu and various
>> lenses or scopes or whatever they are, until they finally turned
>> that crap off by default.  But as I understand it if you care and
>> turned that off it stayed off and was actually off.
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