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[PLUG] Free O'Reilly DevOps Security book

Free O'Reilly DevOps Security book, 78 pages.

No DRM, ePub, MOBI, PDS:

Securing Software through Continuous Delivery
By Jim Bird
Publisher: O'Reilly
Released: June 2016

How do you build security and compliance into your DevOps platforms and pipelines? With this O’Reilly report, security analysts, security engineers, and pen testers will learn how to leverage the same processes and tools—such as version control, containers, and Continuous Delivery—that DevOps practitioners use to automate software delivery and infrastructure changes. In other words, you’ll understand how to use DevOps to secure DevOps.

Author Jim Bird uses case studies from Etsy, Netflix, and the London Multi-Asset Exchange (LMAX) to illustrate the steps leading organizations have taken to secure their DevOps processes. If you understand application and infrastructure security, and have some familiarity with DevOps and Agile development practices and tools, this report is the ideal place to start.

LOTS more free stuff:
* Web/DevOps
* Business
* Big Data
* IoT
* Programming
* InfoSec
* WebDev

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