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Re: [PLUG] find all files with non ascii characters in a directory

On 06/17/2016 11:13 AM, Michael Lazin wrote:
> I see that I was missing the -P to indicate perl regex.  I subsquently
> tried this:
> find . -type f | grep -P "[\x80-\xFF]"
> ./.PlayOnLinux/configurations/icones/Marine Malice 2 : Le Mystère de
> l'Ecole Hantée
> It found a french named file I didn't even know I had but ignored the
> chinese named test file completely.  It is imperative that it also find
> chinese characters. 
> Any help would be appreciated.

should have kept reading ;)

assuming you have a recent enough grep version (assuming it's not some
absolutely ancient grep), you should also be able to do:

find ./ -f -type f | grep -Pv "[[:ascii:]]"

(on that note, when they're available, the char classes are super handy.
other useful ones are :space:, :num:,:alpha:, etc.)

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