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[PLUG] Question on *RWX authorities to files and folders

On the IBM box I work on, a homegrown custom API does not return a users
authority to a file or folder, but rather - - we make an inquiry if the
user has a specific authority to the object.

So before we place a file into a folder, we ask if the file exists in the
folder, than follow that with the inquiry of Do you have authority ? ,
say, *RWX to the folder.

My question is simple.
Isn't there more than one check that must be made ?
( I think I need to make the check three different times )

 . . to replace a file, doesn't a user need either *X or *RW or *RWX ?  
 . . to add a file to a folder, doesn't a user need either *X or *RW or
*RWX ?

( This is on System i with iOS v7.1 .aka. AS400 )
It is OPENSYS standards .aka. PASE , a UNIX port 

- John Voris
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