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Re: [PLUG] How Do They Put Artwork on CD?

With DVD's the menu system point of a jpg on disc but with CDs is usually look up against a database online.  From what I remember when I was publishing my music, I think there is a way to encode some information in whats called "track 0" for the red book spec.

These days, more than likely, CD's are orange book spec, which not only gave us RW optical media but also the multi-session standard.  That is what allows CD-DA (audio) and CD-ROM (data) to be burned onto one disc.  I suspect if you put that disc in a computer you would be able to open it up and find the cover art image.

Also, yes, it is possible to burn multi session CDs on Linux with mkisofs  :D

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>Not actually a Linux question, but I'm sure the CD player in my car is
>running Linux, so....
>I put a commercial music CD into my 2015 subaru's CD player, and a
>small version of the cover art appeared on the display screen.  How
>the heck did it do that?   Is it encoded in the CD along with track
>text info?  I had thought the car was downloading artwork via
>satellite, but I let my satellite subscription (included with the car)
>lapse 6 months ago.
>I've Duck-Duck-Go'd this, but can't find anything other than putting
>artwork on CDs.
>Anybody know how it's encoded on the disk?

it's likely just a jpeg or png on the cd

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