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Re: [PLUG] BTRFS RAID massively broken


My home office systems are quite bit bigger, so not sure I can help with suggestions.

I have 2 dedicated units for storage

I have a old Thecus N8800 rackmount unit running Linux with 8 x 3TB drives,  XFS  RAID-10
this is mostly targeted for tier-3 backup.  Unit not great at running VM's along with any
sequential access ( such as a copy / migrate ),  so I only use it now for backup of the
unit below and storing laptop image backups, etc.

And a homebuilt NAS, with Dell 2950 rackmount with 32GB RAM, with 6 x 2TB  SAS (3 mirrors) and
2 x 80GB Intel SSD for  ZFS  Slog and L2ARC.  This unit is running FreeNAS (on BSD)
This runs multiple VM's in an vSphere 6 lab cluster.  FreeNAS runs from USB stick.
The performance of this unit far exceeds any local server disks or the Thecus.

There is a page here about building the NAS storage:

The unit was built first using SmartOS, but I later converted it to FreeNAS.  ( It needs to boot
from USB so all 6 drives are usable for the array , and both SmartOS and FreeNAS
are designed to do this without burning out the Flash stick.   FreeNAS is VMware VAAI complient
as well.


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Glad i've stayed away from BTRFS,   I'm still on ZFS / FreeNAS for my storage array.


At home, I've have 4x 2 TB disks in btrfs raid6. For the last week, this has been my mood:

On a more serious note, I'm gonna have to buy an additional external HDD to transfer the data off. Any suggestions on what I should use to replace it? I run Arch Linux. Is ZFS-on-linux stable? Or should I just use mdadm?


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